Tech Mind

Monday, March 01, 2010

Future of Comunication, Tools and Computing

I was just pondering on what would be future of productivity tools or day to day communication... May be down the line 10+ Years..

The growing bandwidth, processing and storage power enable us to deal everything either Video or Audio;

Text email: Would it be same as today? I doubt, it should be some thing on voice to text and text to voice... By that time there would be hands on technologies to enable it... There will be definitely people who will use it for simplicity purpose but not to the extent of today.

SMS: Most of the SMSes today are textual in nature and future will be Audio & Video and definitely images as well. By that time mobile technologies would mature to provide required bandwidth, processing and storage.

Browser: It would be talking toy I suppose. May be little AI built on top of it to enable users to talk and listen sensibly. Browser would be able listen to the user at the same time give the reply as normal people does. The current doc & pdf formats would support audio & video to deal. When we google now, we get many links with static or dynamic text.. Future would list only more of audio or video files..

Mobile communication is going to really pickup and there will be a day where nothing is attached to cables... The future is going to be mobility in all the aspects... There will be technologies to deal with TBs of data transfer per second with wireless connectivity.

Flash drives??? The improvements in Nano components would enable us to have small mini SD card to hold Tera bytes of data..

File systems? the current read/write/list files systems would get a boost by which we should be able to work with TBs of data within fraction of second.

Any thing wild further??? I guess there should be one more advancement in reading human mind, which can act on just by thinking on a command and/or search..

It should be more of a device that is worn by user and a component attached to PC...

Please dont curse by thinking in any other way... If you have any other wild guesses do share and I would be happy to listen.

Office and productivity tools should be classic stenos who listen and makes things ready.... Could be productivity robots to deal every communication items..

Without talking about cloud probably list is incomplete... What would happen to cloud? Nothing on user disk? Operating system? applications? In my understanding people would buy only hardware like earlier, the required so called software should come free or come with through away price. Customers would pay only for service than really anything.