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Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Google at right path?

First let me apologize for coming back after long time...

Google Vs Apple
Until recently Apple & Google used to enjoy trust by complementing each other and working to see the end of Microsoft. The relationship was such an extent, where Google CEO Eric Schmidt
was on Google board and involved in overall strategy. There were many win-win instances between these to web & product giants and was really good to both the companies in pushing M$ limits and making it to run for the future.

Now what is happening?
Google tied up with HTC and came up with NexusOne and directly competing with iPhone out there.

-Google CEO Eric Schmidt out of Apple board.
-No strategic talk between Apple & Google
-Apple is exploring options with M$ to make Bing as a default in iPhone
-Apple purchased Quattro a mobile Ad company and plan to take on Google in mobile ad search market

Google Vs Mozilla
Google & Mozilla foundation have been enjoying nice relationship and Mozilla foundation making money with partnership with Google. It was win-win for Google for making Firefox search default with Google Search.

Now what is happening?
Google came up with its own browser Chrome and suddenly partners become competitors in browser market too.

-Unthinkable moment to Mozilla..
-Initially it was Mozilla who worried about the revenue stream that Google backing through FireFox's search default.
-Few hurry decisions to realign its relationship with Google
-Search for alternative revenue sources.

Overall, to create more shareholder's value Google executives are forgetting its core basics of "No Harm"....

The very downfall by starts;
-When long-term partnerships break
- Mistrust starts tickling

Given the situation;
-Mozilla really no need to worry about its fund flow; Now actually it can get competitive price between Bing/Google/Yahoo by making one of them as default search.
-Google could explore the possibilities to attach Chrome to nutral body. One possibility could be give it to Apache foundation or Mozilla drive from behind.