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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How Open Office Can Make Difference?

I just saw OpenOffice1.1.5 release at . It’s really a great application to enjoy freely. I don’t see any reason in using MS-Office by paying money and processor power. It may be good alternative to small and medium business establishment and home users. It has everything what a normal user require from a office suit.

I agree MS-Office has lot of things. Can you do miracles? not much. Its a tool to share information. Openoffice supports all the formats and features, except too much fancy things. I expect as days goes, the juicy team which is working on Openoffice suit, will sprinkle juice on all.

I wonder why Oppen office active members not able to learn from Mozilla foundation. Instead bundling entire suit as one and making it too bulky. There can be separate applications for "Write (MicroSoft-Word)", "Calc (Spread Sheet)" and "Impress (Power Point )" for presentations etc.. .

I think many of office suit users typically use more either "Word" Or "Spread Sheet" and some times "Presentation". Why don’t these guys have independent applications for these? Like firefox and sunbird etc from Mozilla (

Instead of packing everything as one application, there can be separate tar balls, where Only "Word" and / or "Presentation" and/or "Spread Sheet etc.,, can do good. I understand the problem of maintaining various builds. But it gives one more advantage of working specialized groups. Not sure, if already some activities are going on this front.


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